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Are you looking for that perfect addition to your outdoor kitchen or garden? We are Michigan's only wood-fired oven builders and authorized installer of Forno Bravo ovens. We offer a full range of masonry and carpentry skills in designing and building custom wood-fired pizza ovens.

Few of life’s great pleasures compare with having all of your family and friends over to cook their own pizza in your wood-fired oven. Wood-Fired Pizza! We think you will find that your wood-fired oven quickly becomes the focal point for family entertaining, and even weekday cooking. A pizza cooks in less than 3 minutes right on the oven floor. The crust will be crisp on the bottom, and the toppings always come out beautifully melted, and perfectly cooked. Pizza is just the start of what you can cook in your wood fired oven, however. You can roast, bake, braise, slow cook, and grill meat, vegetables, appetizers, and desserts. A wood-fired oven will dramatically alter the way you cook, while providing you genuine enjoyment. With a little practice, you can cook just about anything in a wood-fired oven. Over time, we think you will find that there are some dishes you will only cook in your brick oven, because they are so much better when they are wood-fired.

Take a look around our site, and if you like what you see, contact us or give us a call for a free quote on your own personal wood fired oven.


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